This Know your Rupya privacy policy is intended to inform you regarding collection, use and disclosure of your personal information against our services we provide for all the apps uploaded in this account.

Apps in Know your Rupya asks for the access of following information which is necessary for the settings of all apps.

1. Collection of Data: 2. Disclosure of User personal information: 3. Use of User provided Data:

We do not sell, share and public your sensitive and personal information to any third company except for aggregation and statistical analysis of our Apps.

You can opt out by simply uninstalling our apps and try to reach us out at to delete your information. We will consider your application and will act accordingly a.s.a.p.

Only user provided and automatically collected information is provided to the third parties but yet again for services improvement. Following info is provided including:

We advise you to consult this privacy policy weekly so that you can come to know about any changes beforehand.


  1. Why does this app has so many ads?

    Ads are shown, so that YOUR hard earned money stays in your pocket. You’ve surely seen those paid apps around and you have to buy them to use them. You can find those apps in the ‘Top Paid’ section of Google Play. Those apps have no ads whatsoever. Because they get their money through your wallet. Making an app is no easy task. It takes a significant amount of cost, time and effort to make those. And the reason you can get those apps for free, is because we show you advertisements in our apps. We admit that sometimes ads can be annoying and disturbing, but if it weren’t for those ads, you would have to pay for those applications. The ads allow the app developers to have something in return for their efforts and hard work. It also enables them to carry out their work to further stage, making upgrades, on the existing apps as well as creating new apps now and then. To continue developing free apps for all of us we hope you will endure this little annoyance. Thank you.

  2. What information does this app collect?

    This app collect your setting within app. You can delete the saved data by uninstalling this application.

  3. How do i opt out?

    All data saved in your app locally. You can delete the saved data by uninstalling this application.

  4. App keep asking for a review or rate us, what’s that all about?

    So that the app makers can work on new and better apps. When you’re rating an app with 5 stars, please be sure to give us any suggestion if it comes to your mind.